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Sunkist Consulting is your chance to tell us all of your needs as well as learn industry tips you might not have known before. You don’t have to be an expert engineer to work with us—that’s our job. This article will tell you about Four Types of Customers Consulting with Us, Do you fit into one of these categories?


Often, we receive requests for quotes plant manager, Plant managers are often business owners as well. These are the people in charge of the entire operation, usually small to medium sized PU foam suppliers.

Our favorite thing about plant managers is their ability to see the big picture. Cost reduction can be important but it is not always a priority. Managers know who their customers are and what markets they serve. Managers have ambitions to expand quantity, increase quality and diversify products.

Managers talk business, and guess what? So does Sunkist. We have consulted with plant managers at every stage of development. Are you thinking of starting a new plant? Are you wondering what else your current plant is capable of? Send us an email and we’ll connect you with our industry expert today.

purchasing agent

Another significant part of our customer base is made up of purchasing agents. There are two types of purchasing agents: at home and free, In-house agents are employees of the company making purchases for that company. Independent agents work on commission and work between machine suppliers and factories.

Agents are masters of research and often prioritize getting the best bang for the buck. Sunkist respects this, which is why we maintain a comprehensive portfolio of manual, semi-automatic and automatic machinery. Manual machines are the cheapest, and sometimes, they are the perfect fit for the customer! Sunkist also believes in transparency, which is why you will find our machine specifications available for download on our website. Do your research and ask us as many questions as you want!

factory foreman

The difference between a factory foreman and a plant manager is that A foreman works directly on the floor. Some foremen are managers too! These are the people with in-depth knowledge of the machines they are working with. They know the production volume, production flow, operational safety and how many workers are needed on each machine.

Factory foremen often have optimization strategies as well. Replacing an old machine? Kick off your mental wish-list and tell a Sunkist engineer what you’d like to see. Fix a design flaw? More intuitive software? A new feature that will do horizontal foam cutting So Very easy? Tell us, we’re ready to listen.


Finally, we have engineers, Engineers often have big tasks on hand, such as turning an entire warehouse into a continuous foaming plant. We can talk about volume capacity, material handling, acceptable tolerances and much more.

The thing that engineers love most about Sunkist is how broad our product portfolio is. Need a foaming machine, three types of cutting machines and a packaging output system? You don’t need to shop anywhere else because Sunkist has got it all. Sunkist develops a unified interface that facilitates synchronized control. And the best part? We are just a phone call or email away. No more hunting down contact information for manufacturers from ten years ago, only to find they’ve gone out of business.


Whatever role you play in your business—manager, a purchasing agent, a factory foreman, or an engineer—Sunkist can help you with whatever you need. With 40+ years in the industry and over a hundred businesses helped, we guarantee we can find you the right solution.

Email us today for machine quotations or consultation inquiries.

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