Vertical vs. Horizontal Cutting: Uses in a Polyurethane Plant

Vertical vs. Horizontal Cutting: Uses in a Polyurethane Plant

PU conversion has both vertical and horizontal cutting keystone machines. We cover the benefits of automatic horizontal cutting and manual vertical cutting as well as discussing CNC alternatives.

foam cutting line

What does the classic PU foam cutting line look like? Usually, we a. let’s start with vertical cutting machine For side-trimming, The raw material is a large foam block from a batch or continuous foaming machine. Because of this, there is skin to peel off like a crust from a loaf of bread.

At this point, the block is usually moved horizontal cutting machine that cuts off the top. If this is a mattress production line, foam blocks are cut into sheets anywhere from centimeters to inches. These sheets can then be placed in the mattress comfort layer or quilted into the mattress topper.

If it is a furniture production line, on the other hand, horizontal cutting can be minimal. This is so that smaller blocks at the correct height can be returned to the vertical cutting machine for further cutting.

Why people choose manual vertical cutting machine

A key difference between vertical and horizontal harvesting machines in the same factory is that many plant owners opt for manual vertical cutting machines. This is because vertical cutters provide greater manual dexterity.

Sunkist Vertical Cutting Machine

Automatic functions on a horizontal cutting machine are useful because workers do not have to manually adjust for the height of each sheet. In contrast, vertical cutting machines are often used to trace cutting template, Foam has to be cut into very specific shapes and dimensions to make furniture. Usually, plant managers leave it to the capable hands of the workers.

Vertical Cutting or CNC Cutting?

An alternative to manual vertical cutting is, of course, CNC cutting. By definition “Computer Numerical Control” does not require manual operation (wiki), and it is the most reliable choice for cutting nonlinear and irregular shapes from large foam blocks.

As you would expect, the trade-off here is price. Sunkist’s vertical cutting machines are popular in areas with cheap labor, while our CNC cutting machines are more bought in countries where automation pays off quickly. CNC wins in terms of consistent performance; A vertical blade is liable to have a high Tolerance Compared to a horizontal one, especially given the human dimension (pressure applied in any nonlinear direction can skew the blade). However, vertical cutting may prove itself to be the most practical option in many foam conversion plants.

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