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Effective wind turbine maintenance and repair is not difficult. In this article, we explore common issues and reliable solutions for wind turbine maintenance and repair, along with the best products you can use for this process.

wind turbine maintenance

Wind turbine maintenance can be a difficult process without expert knowledge. recent research The average lifetime of a wind turbine is determined 20-25 years, It is because of extreme wind and weathering forces that they are exposed to them throughout their life cycle. As a result, to optimize the function of wind turbines over their relatively short life span, manufacturers must invest in effective maintenance techniques.

In addition, global wind turbine maintenance market is expected to hit the price of $27 billion By 2025Represents the compound annual growth rate 8.0%, This increase is due to increasingly innovative products aimed at wind turbine maintenance. easy to get, cheap to take out, safe And more durable,

wind turbine repair

Wind turbine repair can be a Source of great unplanned costs for distress, unexpected downtime and operators, alone in 2019Wind turbine repair costs the wind industry upwards £6 One billion, unplanned failures Pre-emptive shutdown within wind turbines, delayed delivery of energy and loss of reliability,

chances of Unplanned failures can be reduced by investing in regularly scheduled maintenance and smart planning system. Although, Even with maintenance programs at PlaceWind turbines can still be damaged in some ways Which can be removed only after repair.

Common ways wind turbines get damaged

Wind turbines can be damaged and fail in a variety of ways. Here we explore some of the common issues that lead to the need for wind turbine maintenance.

gearbox failure

Gearbox failure is a common reason for maintenance among wind turbines. gearboxes eat roughly 13% of the total cost of the turbine, making it an expensive component to replace. Wind turbine gearboxes usually fail as a result of the non-torsional loads that pass through the gearbox and the high speeds that their bearings Will have to endure In particular, gearbox failure occurs for the following reasons:

  • contaminated lubrication
  • improper bearing lubrication ,Bearings and gears account for 96 percent Failed Components Within Gearbox,
  • Uneven load distribution due to inefficient bearing settings
  • low service factor
  • excessive air level

blade failure

Blade failure is the most common reason for maintenance in wind turbines. Many manufacturers are producing increasingly larger turbine blades each year in an effort to produce more electricity. As a result, blades are becoming more prone to failure as they are subjected to greater pressure. This risk of failure is increased by bird strikes, lightning and damage caused by improper design. Blade failure is the most common case of failure in wind turbines, in which a Estimated 3,800 cases every year the failure of the blade, Specifically, blade failure is caused by:

  • joint failure
  • erosion
  • cracks along the length of the blade
  • split fiber

generator failure

Wind turbine generators, which are responsible for converting the kinetic energy of the blades into electrical energy, can often fail due to electrical issues. Since the entire function of wind turbines depends on the generator, their failures can be very troublesome and frustrating. Additionally, generator failure can often occur. overheating and causing a fire, which can be potentially dangerous more expensive situations.Generator failure usually occurs due to the following reasons:

  • contaminated lubrication
  • extreme temperatures affecting electrical equipment (inadequate insulation)
  • excessive vibration load
  • unregulated voltage management

wind turbine

Best Products for Wind Turbine Maintenance

Expensive, time-consuming maintenance and repair operations can be largely avoided by using high quality adhesives, sealants and lubricants in the manufacturing process of wind turbines. It is important that as a Turbine Operator or Maintenance Teamyou have access to repair solutions which enables quick and easy application, enabling efficient and seamless maintenance and repair.

provide adhesivesmany benefitson mechanical bonding techniques Due to their versatility to bond and repair efficiently in highly demanding environments, Quality products provide benefits such as:

  • Extend the lifetime and durability of components.
  • Improving the efficiency of components.
  • Lightweight
  • Provide resistance to extreme temperatures.
  • performance over a wide load range
  • Protect complex components from vibration damage.
  • Strengthening the structure of the wind turbine.
  • Precise mixing and dispensing – time saving.
  • Ias a repeatability,


Here we explore the top products that can be used to repair and maintain a variety of wind turbine blade parts.

bond joint blade element

lubrication of blade orientation

threaded connection

generator assembly

braking system

Balloon Nugget

Here we explore the top products that can be used to repair and maintain a variety of wind turbine parts necklace,

Joint sealing of assembled parts

Bearings (yaw, pitch and main shaft)

threaded connection


Here we explore the top products that can be used to repair and maintain a variety of wind turbine parts Towers,

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