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Solve your performance problems with application-specific Molykote® brand lubricants

  • Imagine breaking the key in the ignition while trying to start your car in cold weather.
  • Imagine that your electric window is left half-open during a driving thunderstorm.
  • Imagine a seat track attracting dirt, lint and other dirt, which gets on your hands or stains clothes.

These are clearly not hypothetical problems. Those are very real concerns. A large part of the comfort, satisfaction and pride of ownership of drivers stems from the movement inside their vehicles. This makes ergonomic or functional problems in these areas a serious threat to customer satisfaction and repeat sales, especially in these times of intense competition.

The right solution at your fingertips

The fact is, you can often avoid these types of automotive problems by choosing the right Molykote® specialty lubricant from DuPont. We manufacture a wide variety of specialty lubricants specifically for automotive applications. In addition to long-life, low-friction operation, they can provide additional benefits such as:

  • Electrical compatibility, to avoid breakdowns in switches and other electromechanical components that lead to system failure.
  • The plasticity of the plastic provides a longer life for resistance to degradation and for lighter-weight, injection-molded parts such as gears, bushings or housings.
  • Functionality in extreme temperatures for smooth, easy operation in high temperature and cold weather environments.
  • Dry application, which won’t attract dirt and grime, or cause stains.

The right formulation for your automotive environment

Molicott means so much more than silicone grease. This advanced product line includes a wide range of specialty lubricants suitable for applications ranging from seat tracks, totable sleeves, window actuators to HVAC controls.

Choose from:

  • Anti-friction Coatings: Permanent, bonded “lube paints” that are excellent for track applications, fasteners and areas open to touching or passing clothing.
  • Liquid lubricants, especially for control cables.
  • Synthetic greases (such as poly-alphaolefin-based compounds) for electrical applications and plastic-on-metal lubrication.
  • As well as silicone greases that offer longer life, and lower frictional performance at low and higher temperatures.

In addition, through testing and evaluation conducted at our Lubricants Expertise Center in Plymouth, Michigan, we can demonstrate and document which specialty lubricants are recommended for your application. We will also advise you on effective application techniques for any of these lubricants in your production manufacturing environment.

Customized technical support to meet your needs

Use the selector guide chart on the following pages to help you choose the right Molykote lubricant for your automotive applications. Then call one of our experienced customer service experts to discuss your needs. He can answer your questions about Molicott lubricants and send you technical data for specific applications.

Molycoat Body/Internal Lubricant Selector Chart

Molicott Lubricant for General Purpose Applications

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Molicott Lubricant for Engine Accessories

Molicott Lubricant for Engine Components

Molicott Lubricants_Guide_7

Molicott Lubricant for chassis/suspension

Molicott Lubricants_Guide_8

Molicott Lubricant for Brakes

Molicott Lubricants_Guide_9

Full Automotive Lubricant Expertise

Molicott Lubricants_Guide_10

In addition to lubricants for the applications covered in this publication, DuPont also offers Molycott products for other automotive needs. Call or fax us to discuss your specific needs. Together we can move things forward.

Lubricants Expertise Center

DuPont maintains a 35,000 square foot facility to provide customers with cost-effective specialty lubricant solutions. The center tests and verifies customer component performance from prototype through production. Our experts provide application engineering consulting, technical service and application-specific product development. The center also offers a variety of ASTM, DIN, ISO and other standard lubricant testing using specialized equipment and trained technicians. The center’s expertise also includes application methods with a particular emphasis on anti-friction coatings. Center personnel interact daily with our partner facilities in Japan and Germany, as well as with research headquarters in the Midland. Wherever you do business in the world, you can be assured of comprehensive technical support.

A supplier you can trust

As a worldwide supplier, DuPont has earned a reputation for providing consistent quality, proven technical service support, proper product labeling and long-term sustainability. We are a trusted partner dedicated to customer service and believe in meeting the highest standards.

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