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Machine Inspection

We want to tell you what it’s like to order with Sunkist. Our Buyer’s Guide covers our simple 5-step process, and this article will go over each step in more detail.

How do I initiate an order with Sunkist?

Your journey as a Sunkist customer . starts from request for quotation, On our website, you can navigate to each machine page and add each model to your quotation list with a simple click. Sunkist machines come in standard sizes and specifications but no worries, if you have any special needs, we’ll take care of them in part two: questionnaire,

Add Machines to Your Inquiry List in a Simple Click

A dedicated sales representative sends you the questionnaire. Its purpose is to determine the needs of your machinery based on your production load. During this process, we’ll also find out if you have any plant-planning needs and call our engineer for help. Once we know the full scope of what you need, we’ll send you a full quote.

What happens once you make a payment?

Once we have received your Official Payment Order (PO) and down payment, Production to start! Sunkist owns and partners factories throughout Taiwan to bring you the best machines. You will receive an order confirmation with the date of construction start as well as the project lead time, typically 90-120 days.

Can I watch my machines being built?

For conversion machines, customers often send us foam samples to be cut and sent back. It’s part of our promise to you that the machine works on your stuff! We also provide additional services such as video or on-site calls machine performance at work, Sunkist experts with decades of experience inspect machines, and once they pass both ours and your inspection, the purchase is complete on your final full payment.

machine inspection

How does Sunkist ship and install the machines?

We offer a variety of shipping options. Feel free to let us know if you want to specify all the details or if you want us to take care of everything on our side. Generally, we recommend that machines be installed by Sunkist experts. However, due to COVID, we are currently limiting international travel for personnel. We provide detailed installation and test run tutorial videos as an option (read more about them here), and our sales reps will let you know if that should happen.

What happens after I get my machine?

All Sunkist machines come with a 1-year warranty (not include consumable parts). This means we are always just a call or text message away for help. If you have any questions, ask right away! Do not wait for irreparable damage before consulting. You can easily contact us from the website or through our dedicated customer care window. The more details, photos and even videos you can provide about the production error, the better.


Ordering with Sunkist is a really simple process—we’ve designed it to do that! Whether you need a machine or some spare parts, let us know today via our contact form or by emailing [email protected]

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