ODERBAU: Rising from the Ashes, King of Green Furniture

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green furniture, or durable furniture, has rapidly come to the attention of the public. Global warming remains an international problem, and some furniture manufacturers are working hard to play their part in the fight against climate change.

enter Oderbau, Taiwanese furniture company with over 35 years of hard-earned experience. Oderbau is at the forefront of sustainable furniture manufacturing, generating over NT$100 million in annual sales. Their products are Sertipur certified and use NASA-grade materials, promising aesthetics, ergonomics and quality over time.

Oderbau has also been a Sunkist customer since 2018.

sertipur material

Oderbau Furniture is made with MDI (Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate). While TDI is far more common in flexible foam manufacturing, MDI allows cold foam, TDI foam can withstand temperatures exceeding 100 °C during mounting and setting, which is a well-known fire hazard. In Oderbau’s factories MDI foam is set no more than 30 °C. At the same time, MDI releases less toxic fumes into the air, both reducing its carbon footprint and protecting factory workers.

MDI can also be a carbon neutral material, going to save energy costs through long lasting and effective insulation. Oderbau is Taiwan’s largest MDI foam factory. See their full list of product certifications and patents here.

Complete In-house Production Line

Over the years, CEO Lin Guangfu has fully integrated the entire production line for its mattresses and furniture. Their factories take care of foaming, cutting, further processing and assembly. In this way, every piece of furniture can be customized and quality-controlled.

Some of the machines used by Oderbau are:

  • Batch Foaming Machine: To produce small batch MDI foam with optimized flexibility and buoyancy per order
  • Horizontal Cutting Machine: To shape and clean each foam block with a vertical cutting machine
  • block crusher: To break open foam cell walls for better elasticity and buoyancy

Oderbau also uses patented ring-sealing technology to ensure structural integrity in its mattresses, which guarantees up to 35 years of use.

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