New Body Armor Raw Material

New Body Armor Raw Material

a new foamy substance can make everyone safe Improving impact protection in helmets, car parts, body armorand perhaps bulletproof vests, And since the material is recyclable, it could also help save the planet.

The new design was created by a research team that looked at how often Modern Car Bumper and Helmet Technology Failed at high speed. He also observed how once these ingredients were in effect, they are no longer effective and must be thrown away. Car drivers who have been involved in even minor collisions will know the drawbacks that composite Used in ‘Crumple Zone’.

to solve the problem, John Hopkins scientist used with High Energy Absorbing Liquid Crystal Elastomers (LCEs)They have previously found use in robotics and electronic machinery.

This resulted in the development of a complex liquid crystal structure that combined with a lightweight elastomer to form an ideal Materials for use in the manufacture of body armor, Most importantly, the new technology provides a raw material which is reusable while providing high impact strength with low weight – a major breakthrough in body armor development,

As study senior author Assistant Prof. Sung Hoon Congonotes, “We are excited about our findings on the extreme energy absorption potential new material,

John Hopkins University

This new technology is a significant advance current impact-absorbing material Which are made of a material that dissipates energy through an inelastic mechanism. For example, bulletproof vests use composites that distort, while protective visor Fracture or fragment on impact. The result is that they are single use materialwhich are permanently damaged and not suitable for repeated use.

By developing the ‘elastic buckling instability’ – described as atomic-level buoyancy – researchers have created A more environmentally friendly protective material,

as a website popular mechanics Explains, “Think of a big waterfall, which bends under pressure, but then springs back into shape. The idea of ​​buckling doesn’t have to be a unilateral deformation that deforms permanently. material, It can store energy which is then released to ‘bounce’ material Back in its original form.”

“This structural energy trapping mechanism is scalable and reversible,” said the researchers, “which makes architectural materials reusable,

The university website further explains How protective can the new structure be. It was conducted against strikes from objects weighing approximately four to 15 pounds, in order to test the material’s ability to withstand impact during the experiments. [1.8 to 6.8kg]Coming at about 22 mph [35 kmh], The tests were limited to 22 mph due to the range of the test machines, but the team is confident that the padding can safely absorb even more impacts. ,

“The material provides greater protection from a wider range of impacts,” Sung says. “But being lighter can reduce fuel consumption and the environmental impact of vehicles while being more comfortable for those wearing protective gear.”

This latest research is an extension of the work of other physicists who are looking at Improved body armor and high impact resistance substances which have less environmental impact. It includes not only reusable material but also natural substances, such as Clay and fabric belonging to the woven hemp called kenaf, Which can be augmented with Kevlar and/or aluminum.

Other researchers and manufacturers are experimenting nano more ways to Apply nanomaterial coatings And super-strong graphene To Polymers as a Protective Barrier,

Read on to know more about this topic: A Strong, Lightweight Polymer That Could Revolutionize Body Armor,

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