DOWSIL 7094 Flowable Sealant

DOWSIL 7094 Flowable Sealant

DOWSIL 7094 Flowable Sealant is a black, low modulus silicone adhesive/sealant designed for applications where a flowable product with durable adhesion to a variety of substrates and non-corrosive curing is required.

Developed for protective, durable and decorative applications in construction and photovoltaics (PV) where high durability, safety and flexibility are required. The high temperature and UV stability of this coating make it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Applied as a coating by brush, squeegee or spray, the DOWSIL 7094 Flowable Sealant is an efficient and durable solution for both in-field repair of photovoltaic modules, showing backsheet degradation and factory-applied backsheet protection.

DOWSIL 7094 Flowable Sealant cures into highly durable elastomer under ambient conditions, forms chemical adhesion and acts as an electrical insulator. After curing, it restores insulation and provides protection against water ingress and ultraviolet light. Due to the excellent durability of silicone sealant – with proven stability in outdoor conditions for over 50 years – this product provides a long-term, reliable repair solution.


  • Sealing and bonding applications where low viscosity and self-leveling properties are required in combination with a non-corrosive cure
  • Designed for applications that demand a strong but flexible bond such as when bonding materials with varying thermal expansion rates e.g., glass to metal or glass to plastic
  • Low modulus formulation for high speed capability
  • Sealing in gaps where an elastic grouting is required
Features and Benefits
  • Reliably fills cracks in backsheet—including deep cracks
  • Restores electrical insulation resistance
  • Can be applied by brush or spray to the area – no need to dismantle a unit
  • Good adhesion to coextruded polyamide (“AAA”), as well as other commonly used backsheets (including those with a PVF, PET or PVDF outer layer)
  • short treatment time
  • Highly durable material, leading to longer lifetime

Tests were conducted at the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology (OFI) and Silicon Austria Labs (SAL). It was shown that coating a module with deep cracks due to field degradation resulted in a restored insulation, allowing the module to maintain a high insulation after moist heat aging, and that it subsequently passed the wet leak test.

Typical properties for PV applications
Typical properties for PV applications

ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials
ul: Underwriters Laboratories
Full product information can be found at
These are distinctive qualities, which should not be treated as specialties.

DOWSIL 7094 Flowable Sealant is designed for solar module use with:

  • A Repair Solution When the Backsheet Shows Signs of Cracking
  • A preventive measure on modules with backsheets that are usually prone to cracking

This simple application can be done in the workshop or in the field – even on installed modules, with the backsheet facing down.

To apply:

  1. Clean the surface of the backsheet. The type of cleaning depends on the extent and type of dirt and erosion of the backsheet. In general, the following cleaning process
    Sufficient: Wipe the surface of the backsheet with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.
  2. Apply DOWSIL 7094 Flowable Sealant with a squeegee, paintbrush, or spray gun.
  3. Quickly smooth the layer with a spatula, applying some gentle force to push the sealant into the cracks.
  4. Leave to cure.

spray application

spray application

smooth the layer

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