Bostic Born2Bond™ UV Cure-in-Place Gasket (UV-CIPG)

Bostic Born2Bond™ UV Cure-in-Place Gasket (UV-CIPG)

The Bostic Born2Bond The UV Cured-in-Place Gasket (UV-CIPG) range is a revolutionary gasket system, commonly used in applications that require fast, cost-effective and state-of-the-art solutions, such as the electronics manufacturing and automotive sectors.

UV-CIPG adhesives can be easily applied with an automatic dispenser that can be programmed to adhere to a specific application area. This method of application can save many hours of preparing and applying the gasket to the product housing, and also helps reduce the amount of materials used. The gasket cures immediately during application using UV light.

The Born2Bond™ The UV-CIPG range is Bostik’s latest innovation in engineering adhesives and has been designed to meet the detailed and precise bonding requirements demanded by the modern industry.


Bostic Born2Bond™ UV-CIPG Solution: How It Works?

For water and dust proofing applications, molded and cut gaskets are widely used. These gaskets are usually assembled by hand. However, molded gaskets are labor intensive.

molded gasket

  • Labour intensive
  • high labor cost
  • high defect rate
  • mold cost

Bostic Born2Bond™ UV-CIPG has been developed to meet the demands of modern manufacturing processes: high efficiency, automated processes, complex design, small size, lightweight, low waste, and water/dust proof.

With products that deliver excellent elasticity and easy dispensing capability with exceptional quality, durability and strength, Born2Bond™ UV-CIPG is emerging as a top choice for the industry players.

Bostic Born2Bond™ UV-CIPG

  • UV curable
  • low labor cost
  • no mold
  • high precision
  • automated robot delivery

key features

  • Extremely flexible and does not crack even when hardened, compressed or deformed
  • High thixotropic indexes enable the manufacture of complex gaskets on flat surfaces or shallow grooves
  • Instant cure using UV light
  • Enables micro-dispensing

key benefits

key benefits

Applications and Tools

Bostic Born2Bond™ UV-CIPG solutions can be delivered using all techniques, and Bostik can adjust the formula to cure at a specific wavelength if necessary.

dispensing and curing equipment
head of distribution
effective cost
no cleaning needed
absolutely right
high viscosity
Suitable for very fine distribution
Unaffected by irregularities on the substrate
3-Axis Robot
Can be enabled for automatic sharing
Can be pre-programmed to dispense into a complex pattern
UV-curing device
metal halide
Low viscosity at many wavelengths
quick cure time
can be totally fine
No heating during UV irradiation, so no damage
Affordable and Durable

automated application process

  1. Creating a program Design precise application areas
  2. Distribution of UV-CIPG. deliver automatically and accurately
  3. UV radiation. Quick cure with UV light

Why Born2BonUV-CIPG solution?


Bosik is a leader in materials science. As we expand, diversify and innovate, our leading adhesive technologies evolve with us to meet the ever-changing needs of manufacturers.

Technology (Solutions)

Innovation is our DNA. We are in constant quest to find new and better ways of doing things. With our focus on centralized R&D and materials science, our innovation strategy can be divided into three distinct levels:

  • Adhesive Research and Technology Development
  • Product development and innovation
  • technical support


As an industry leader, Bosik understands the macro changes that affect markets and the industry; and provides innovative smart solutions for electronics and automotive manufacturers to address these pressing challenges.

Bosik’s worldwide technical service network of industry and application experts is organized by market segments to bring dedicated support across all process and manufacturing specifications.

Our extensive technology portfolio and adhesives expertise are at your service to define the best solution for each situation. For more information, please contact Bostic today.

Bostic Born2Bond™ Latest UV-CIPG Solutions


The new AU588 gasket solution is the latest innovation in engineering adhesives, as part of the company’s goal to build smart solutions for Industry 4.0 globally.

AU588 is UV reactive and offers high sealing performance and exceptional elasticity. It also provides reliable durability in high temperature environments and excellent hydrolysis resistance. Its unique balance of high elongation and high tensile strength ensures that it will not crack even when exposed to high compression ratios.

Bostic AU588

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