Blog – Fungicides Affect Leafy Vegetable Biochemistry

Blog - Fungicides Affect Leafy Vegetable Biochemistry

Researchers from the Institute of Plant Protection-National Research Institute and the Academy of Agrobusiness in Poland determined different fungicides, Fluzinum, Dithian and Dodine, and mixtures of the three fungicides produce diverse effects in leafy vegetables. When the researchers combined the herbs, they found that fluzinum had a longer dissipation time and that dithianon and dodine were rapidly degraded.

In addition, the combination of the three herbs accelerated the accumulation of carotenoids, proteins and phenolic compounds while reducing carbohydrates.
The UCT products for extraction were fungicidal extracted by a QuEChERS method using ECQUEU415CT (4g. MgSO 4, 1g. NaCl, 0.5g. Na 2 Hcitr.1.5H 2 O, 1g. Na 2 Hcitr. 2H 2 O) and ECQUEU32CT (150mg MgSO) 4, 25mg for extract cleanup. PSA, and 2.5mg. GCB).

For more information, read: Fluazinam and its mixtures induce diverse changes of vital Biochemical and antioxidant profiles in leafy vegetables
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