AGC’s ETFE movie includes Sophie Stadium for the Big Game!

AGC's ETFE movie includes Sophie Stadium for the Big Game!

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When you’re watching the Big Game on Sunday, take a minute to look up at the field with excitement. That’s AGC’s ETFE Film That’s Covering Sophie StadiumThe state-of-the-art roof!

Fluon® ETFE is a fluoropolymer film used in some of the most creative architectural structures in the world. This high-performance building material is widely used for membrane structures, facades and roofs.

The use of Fluon ETFE film enables architects to create lightweight, movable, transparent tension membrane structures that are dramatic, colorful and brilliantly illuminated. It is durable, transparent and weather resistant. Although it is much lighter than glass, Fluone ETFE film will withstand even the harshest environments. And because it is much lighter, ETFE film requires less structural support, which in turn reduces construction time and cost.

Sophie Stadium Installation

Located in Inglewood, California, Sophie Stadium opened in September 2020 and is home to the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams. It can seat 70,240 people and is expandable to accommodate 100,240 visitors for larger events. It has open sides and three spaces which are all covered by a fixed roof.

Using 75,000 square meters of ETFE film, this roof is the largest single-layer-membrane, cable-supported roof in the world. This transparent film structure allows the sun to shine through the venue and provides an open feel.

The ETFE film was processed from AGC’s fluone ETFE resin and extruded into a 250 or 300 μm thick film with custom frit prints on the film to reduce solar heat gain. This means stadium fans can enjoy a comfortable climate-controlled environment year-round.

Sophie Stadium Fast Facts

Fluone ETFE at the 2022 Beijing Winter Events

In addition to being on the NFL’s biggest stage this year, the FluOne ETFE film is part of the 2022 winter sporting events in Beijing. The two locations built with the film used in the events of 2008 have been remodeled this year.

The stadium, which has been called the “bird’s nest” because of its size, would be Host Opening and Closing CeremonyJust like it used to be 14 years ago. about 50,000 square meters Fluon ETFE film was first used at the time of manufacture.

In 2008 the aquatic science center known as “Water Cube” is now “Ice Cube” and Vil. known as host curling match, At the time of its original construction approximately 300,000 square meters of Fluone ETFE film were used.

We are proud to be a part of the history of these incredible structures. For information on how ETFE film can bring beauty and function to your architectural project, contact our experts.

Photos of Sophie Stadium courtesy of PFEIFER Structures USA.

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