About WACKO Media

WACKO Media aims at giving opportunities to all the creators who want to make a career out of their hobbies. WACKO Media is an Indian digital media house serving relatable and entertaining content across social media platforms. Whether it’s a sketch, short videos, articles, memes, collabs, and a lot more which will entertain you and cure your boredom.


tiny little thoughts-anchal surana

Anchal Surana (Founder of WACKO Media) is a content creator having a handful of experience in scriptwriting and video production. Before becoming an entrepreneur she worked with a media house for 5+ years where she gained a lot of knowledge about the industry and banked herself with great experience and amazing projects. The writing was a part of her life as a teenager and during her graduation, she decided to convert her hobby into a career. She always wanted to be a #bosslady and have her own company, so she walked miles to reach the destination where she can build her empire.



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